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Can I opt-out of's data collection and/or distribution?

Receiving email messages from, our affiliates and partners is optional. As noted earlier, the collection, use, and distribution of personal data helps us create a more personalized, relevant, and intelligent web service for our users. While some basic data is necessary to provide certain services, such as entry into the sweepstakes and fulfillment of products and services ordered through, there are some cases where the submission of information is optional.

We will not contact you with e-mail offers. If you are already receiving emails and no longer wish to receive such communications, simply follow the “unsubscribe” instructions that appear in every e-mail, or contact us through our “Ask Us” page found in our Info Center section or by writing directly to Christopher L. Irving, Consumer & Privacy Affairs,, 300 Jericho Quadrangle #300 Jericho, NY 11753.

If you have provided personal information directly to our third party marketing partners and are receiving email communications directly from these third parties cannot, in most instances, unsubscribe users from these third parties. If you wish to unsubscribe from one of our marketing partner's e-mail programs, please follow their unsubscribe procedures which will be found within their e-mails or in their privacy policy.

Does allow users access to their information for review and updating?

Users can access the personal information they have provided to for the purposes of reviewing and updating such information by following instructions in the "Your Account" section of the Site.